About A Lavish Affair...

A Lavish Affair is an independently owned wedding and event coordinating company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The company was started in April of 2012 by owner, Samantha Worm. A Lavish Affair has since become an award winning event coordinating company and has expanded to serve not only Albuquerque, but Santa Fe, Taos, and surrounding areas as well.

At A Lavish Affair, we understand how any event in your life can truly be a special occasion. We know the heart, the thought, and the dedication that goes into the event concept that you dream up. We also know that sometimes life can get hectic, and not everyone has the free time they'd like to dedicate to the execution of that concept. That is where A Lavish Affair comes in: Let us take the stress off your hands. Let us handle the details while you enjoy every moment of seeing the concept you dreamt of become a reality right before your eyes. Let us use our experience and industry connections and knowledge to take the stress off your plate. Our goal is to make you happy. We do everything within our power to make your event everything you dreamed it could be.

Samantha Worm - Owner / Event Coordinator

Samantha Worm - Owner / Event Coordinator


About Samantha...

Samantha was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has her degree in Hospitality and Tourism from Central New Mexico Community College in addition to holding a certificate of Wedding and Event Planning from the Wedding Planning Institute. Samantha began A Lavish Affair at the age of 20 and has spent every year since in the event industry expanding her knowledge. Her keen eye to detail and knack for organization combined with her years of operational experience makes her a perfect fit to coordinate any event. She takes pride in knowing her customers are fully satisfied and will do everything in her power to ensure that goal is achieved. In her free time, Samantha takes pleasure in gathering inspiration from around her while enjoying her hobbies of traveling around the world, watching movies, and spending time with her family, friends, and her chihuahua, Nala.

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